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Migrating marquez database manually via flyway

Before you can manually apply migrations to the marquez database, make sure you’ve installed flyway:

$ brew install flyway

You’ll also need the following details about the migration:

[MARQUEZ_DB_HOST] The db host
[MARQUEZ_DB_PORT] The db port
[MARQUEZ_DB_USER] The db user
[MARQUEZ_DB_PASSWORD] The db password
[MARQUEZ_DB_PATH_TO_MIGRATIONS] The path to migrations (*.sql)

To migrate the database, we’ll be using the flyway migrate command:

$ flyway migrate \
    -driver=org.postgresql.Driver \
    -url=jdbc:postgresql://[MARQUEZ_DB_HOST]:[MARQUEZ_DB_PORT]/marquez \
    -user=[MARQUEZ_DB_USER] \
    -password=[MARQUEZ_DB_PASSWORD] \

For example, to apply the migrations defined under marquez/db/migration to the marquez database run:

$ flyway migrate \
    -driver=org.postgresql.Driver \
    -url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/marquez \
    -user=marquez \
    -password=*** \